Monday, May 30, 2005

We Pause to Remember

At this time, on this day, we as a nation are asked to pause for a moment and remember those who have given their lives to keep America free. Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Orin Kerr links to a piece on the history of the day. It's good to remember for a moment that today is not just the "official beginning of summer" or a good day to go shopping.

This has more of a personal impact on me this year, as three people close to me have begun or are about to begin their military commitments this summer. I had a quick visit with an old friend last week who headed out to boot camp the next morning, and two of my just-graduated students will do the same within a month or so. (I've also got a former improv student who went in two summers ago and is off doing some super-secret "I could tell you what I'm doing, but I'd have to kill you" type of stuff.) Obviously, I hope that all these guys come back safely from their commitments, but just knowing that they're out there in harm's way (so that regular Joes like us pretty much don't have to) makes the whole thing feel a lot closer to home. So Godspeed to Fletch, Scott, Josh and John; you're doing great work.

Legislative update: The Texas school finance bill died last night; the two chambers couldn't come to an agreement, and now they're sniping back and forth about who's to blame for that outcome. It means, for the moment, that the standardized school calendar (which I was griping about earlier) will not happen, but it also means no more new money for schools for the year after next, and that could throw the whole thing into the courts. A special session is a possibility, but we don't know about that for sure, though many lawmakers have said they would support such a move.

No, really, anyone can play... Regular commenter Gary P. wonders if this is how the G-weasel got his start. It does say something about "no musical talent required."

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