Monday, May 16, 2005

This Time, I Guess We Do Need Those Stinkin' Badges

I went to lunch today at one of my favorite places, and the guy charged me $4.95 for a meal that usually costs $6.80. I looked all confused at the total and asked him how that could be, and he said, "Discount." I then realized that I was wearing my school district badge, and that's what got me the cheaper meal. I asked him that, and he confirmed my suspicion.

Normally, I'd be eating at this place on Tuesdays, in between my public-school teaching and college teaching, so by the time I get there, I'd have shed the badge already, in an effort to free myself from the shackles of the corporate educational world (OK, actually to avoid being laughed at by accidentally wearing it to my college classes). But today, I had another school lesson left to go, so the badge stayed on. And now I'm hearing that I could've saved nearly two bucks every time by keeping it on for thirty more minutes? D'oh.

I guess I'll have to milk that for all it's worth for what's left of the semester.

Gassin' up while gas is down: Tonight, I paid $2.02 a gallon for regular unleaded at a QT in Plano; several of its neighbors matched that price. Anybody here in the Metroplex find some cheaper than that?

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Eric Grubbs said...

Cheapest gas around downtown Dallas: $2.05