Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Tiny Cornucopia

This is a light blogging day due to juries, auditions, and so on, but there were some interesting things I ran across today, including this little nugget of trivia:
In any given year, more than a thousand people will be injured by toilet bowl cleaning products or killed by cattle. Fewer than a dozen will be killed by a great white shark.
--Susan Casey, The Devil's Teeth, as quoted in the May 2 Sports Illustrated
Injured by toilet bowl cleaning products?? Wow, no wonder they have all those directions and "lawyer paragraphs" on the bottle...

I love Chipotle, and most of their advertising campaigns are hilarious. A sign posted up in the 15th St. store today confused me, though, when it proclaimed that their new salads would make you feel "lighter in your loafers." I wonder--did they really think carefully about the meaning of that phrase? (And if that's true, wouldn't that campaign do better at a store closer to downtown? Sorry, a little Dallas in-joke there...)

QUOTE OF THE DAY (runner-up): "So you're a professor? That means you teach like math and science?"--A middle-school student of mine, upon finding out what my other job is. He had no clue that professors taught anything other than those two subjects.

QUOTE OF THE DAY (winner): "Our last tune is by Woody Herman, and it's a real flag-burner."--Jazz director at one of my schools, during a concert tonight; thankfully, no civil disobedience actually ensued. (I told him afterwards that maybe next time, he could play a "barn-waver" instead. Heh.)


Jazzy G said...

*random hug* <- Don't ask. It's just random. I got someone else earlier and it confused them.

I had to read your winning quote there multiple times before my brain registered that I was infact reading it correctly. That's just beautiful.

Eric Grubbs said...

The Chipotle billboard in the Highland Park area says, "Fresh is Spesh." Maybe somebody didn't get the memo and switched things up.

Professors teach more than one subject? Does that mean that they have lives outside of school?

Gary P. said...

What jazz songs would be flag-burners anyway? Are there any published big band arrangements of "This Land Is Your Land"? (I mean the whole song... not just the elementary-school-friendly first couple of verses....)

Kev said...

I don't know that any jazz tunes would be flag-burners, except maybe some protest-type songs by Mingus. A good flag-waver (in the patriotic sense) would be Tom Kubis' arrangement of "America the Beautiful," recorded by Wayne Bergeron.

Steven said...

Fontana turned "America the Beautiful" into a Bossa actually. He could turn anything into a bossa. He could have turned freaking Fooseball into a Bossa.