Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Murphy's Law of Scheduling

A little story from the first day of summer teaching:
  • The day is supposed to begin pretty early. Teacher notices yesterday that he hasn't heard back from the confirmation email from the first student of the day. He goes back and looks at the paper form filled out...Aha! They're not going to be in until next week (the teacher had misread "6/7" as "6/1").

  • Teacher sends another email to first student saying "disregard the previous email since you're not here anyway; see you next time," and goes to a cookout with friends about an hour away. He stays out later than he would have if the first student were going to be there.

  • Arriving home last night, teacher finds an email from the first student, who's all confused; they thought they were having a lesson the next morning. Oops; there's some lost sleep. Teacher emails back that it'll be fine to still have one. He goes to sleep rather quickly after that.

  • Teacher wakes up (early) to another email, this one apologizing for the confusion, but...well, let's just wait till next time after all.

  • Teacher got up an hour too early. D'oh. I guess that "sleep" thing is overrated anyway.

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