Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Standing in a Long Line We Will Be

OK, long day; posts of substance will resume tomorrow. For now, a few quick questions:

1) How many Musings readers will be going to the midnight Star Wars show tomorrow night?

2) If so, will you be inventing an excuse to miss school or work on Thursday? (There's actually a site where you can download an excuse note if you want; what will they think of next?)

3) Or will you be like me and go into work anyway on about 3 hours of sleep? (My first lesson is at 7:30 that day. I did the midnight movie/very little sleep thing for Episode II as well, and it worked out fine. The kids gave me some slack if I seemed tired, because they thought it was cool that I went; besides, some of them had gone too. For Episode I, school was already out by premiere night.)

4) Is anyone actually going to show up in costume? If so, as whom?


Gary P. said...

The only Star Wars movie I've seen was the first. I don't think that's about to change.

The only time I could see dressing in character to go to a movie would be as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Eric Grubbs said...

I hold Star Wars incredibly close to my heart. However, I will not see Episode III at midnight tonight. I would not be able to function off of two hours of sleep the next morning. When I eventually will see it (maybe as early 10am tomorrow morning) I will not dress up in a costume.

theKster said...


Jazzy G said...

My Chewbaka costume is at the dry cleaners.