Thursday, May 12, 2005

Die Jungen Biersänger

As an educator, I get the chance to interact with kids a lot, and sometimes, they really do say the darnedest things (there have been many kid-generated Quotes of the Day, as can be seen in previous posts). Thankfully, however, I've never heard this in a lesson yet...

I had dinner at the Bavarian Grill tonight, and the singing accordion player (you knew they had one of those, right?) was leading the crowd in various traditional German songs, nearly all of which had to do with beer (imagine that). At one point, there was an audience-response type of song, where they were supposed to shout out, "BEER!" every time the accordion guy turned the mic their way. I heard a lot of raucous adult singing, but I was surprised to see that one lady was joined by her kids, who had to be no older than 10, shouting out "BEER!" as loudly as anyone else.

I didn't know whether to laugh at the cuteness of it all, or be scared that they were singing drinking songs at such a young age. In the end, I gave them (and their parents) the benefit of the doubt, realizing that kids like to play along on stuff like that, whether they know what they're singing about or not. Here's hoping their only "BEER!" comes from roots for the foreseeable future.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Just watch...I'll be teaching those kids in four years."--Me, to my table-mates, after hearing the young beer singers (translate those last three words into German on the Babelfish and you'll get the title of this post).


1 of 5 said...

Re: kids singing drinking song....why not look at it from a different standpoint? They were being exposed to a culture very different from ours and applaud the parents for broadening their horizons.

Nathan said...

Hey -- I don't know you, but having randomly come to your blog via Eric Grubbs', I saw that you had dinner last night at Bavarian Grill. And this was strange because I was there too, drinking in the Biergarten. I hate to use the phrase, but it is sometimes a small world. Cheers. Or "prost".

Kev said...

1 of 5: I wasn't actually criticizing the parents for having their kids sing along; as I said, kids sing all kinds of stuff without knowing what the words actually mean. I'm all for new cultures and broadened horizons; I was just saying that I hoped the kids weren't shouting "BEER!" from any kind of personal experience. ;-)

Nathan: Wow, that's wild. What time were you there? Our time was about 6:30-9; I think there were maybe two tables occupied in the Biergarten when I got there, and none when we left.

And there's nothing wrong with using the "small world" phrase, as long as you don't break into that insipid Disney song. :-)