Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tour de Neighborhood

OK, allow me just one more post on my revived hobby here, and I'll get back to normal (whatever that is) during the week.

So I used some time off this afternoon to resolve yesterday's impediments to my return to cycling; I stumbled across a little bicycle shop in my old neighborhood while on the way home from church, and they were able to put my new pedals on rather quickly. While I was there, I got one of those little saddle bags to hold things like my phone, a house key, etc., and went ahead and upgraded to a new helmet. The new ones look much more durable, have infinitely more "breathe-ability" and flexibility, and look way cooler (no more of that George Jetson look for me).

I limited my ride to the neighborhoods around mine, but I took advantage of the winding nature of many of the roads in the area and managed to stretch my ride to exactly six miles, which took half an hour. My legs were tired at the end, but it was wonderfully cool outside in the early evening, so my own temperature stayed down as well. There were no vicious dogs on my route, and I only almost got backed into by a minivan once (in my own neighborhood, no less). Before too long, I want to get out on the country roads that aren't too far from me, but this was a fine way to start.

OK...I know that people tend to go overboard when they get new hobbies/jobs/girlfriends and so on, but I promise you this won't turn into the CycloBlog or anything. I just had to talk about this first day because it was such a good time.

She's been fingered for sure now: In case you missed it, authorities have finally confirmed the source of the finger "found" in the Wendy's chili a while back, and it came from a man who worked with the husband of the lady who had claimed she found it in her food.

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