Friday, April 30, 2004

Not a Very TAKS-ing Week This Time, Either

This week was the TAKS (state testing) in every one of my schools, and even though I felt a sharp pain in the wallet area from the missed lessons, the timing of it all really couldn't have been better.

The earliest I had to teach on the three days (Tuesday through Thursday, or TWR in college schedule-speak) was 11:45, so I actually did get caught up on some sleep from the trip. I got to do late-night jams with Halfling on several occasions, which is always cool; we pretty much have our Foosball cadenza outlined, or at least as much as we're going to. I also got to head to Denton Wednesday night to have one more Tomato run with J-Guar before he heads back to Minnesota for the summer. I also got quite a bit of harmony parts written out for the combos.

So the allergies are still bugging me, and it won't be much of a weekend, what with teaching at least three lessons tomorrow and a DFWAAA meeting on Sunday...but I'll pace myself as best I can and hope that the storm that's going on right now knocks all the bad stuff out of both the air and my system.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "TAKS...a test created by the intellectual elite of Texas, for the millions of illegal immigrants in texas, and to make sure that us white guys know the most basic stuff possible."--from a student's away message on AIM this week.

Colon blow? Believe it or not, Stout regained the 2BC speed record last night. The previous record, held by Micah since last summer, was 13 minutes and an undetermined amount of seconds; Stout bested him, barely, at 12:58. He really, really, didn't look like he was enjoying himself either; I don't see this record falling anytime soon.

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