Saturday, April 24, 2004

Kev, Live from Greeley

OK, I didn't think I'd be doing another post, but I took a walk over to the UNC campus this afternoon, stumbled upon their student center, and lo and behold, there was this computer place. I walked in like I knew what I was doing, and nobody said anything, so I've cleaned out my email boxes to avoid a deluge when I get home...and here I am. Anyway, more updates: The Vanguard was awesome last night (and hey, J-Guar, they opened with "Mean What You Say"), and the UNC Salsa Combo that opened the show was really cool too. Today, Jaztet One did a really good job, and big band went great...I was even happy with my solo *shudder*. Tonight is Kenny Wheeler with the top big band from UNC; should be really good; I missed him when he was in Denton a year or so ago. We're taking a small detour through Royal Gorge on the way back tomorrow, so we may get in at midnight (or later) instead of eleven, but....*shrug* it's not like they have topography like that in Dallas or anything. I'll update sometime Monday once I've recuperated a bit.

Oh yeah--maybe it's because of the rain/snow of the past few days, but we've hardly "smelled the money" here at all (I'll explain that to the uninitiated when I get back). I've also avoided the dreaded Colorado Reed Syndrome for the same reasons (yay).

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