Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tax Relief, Wrapped in Tin Foil

Today wasn't really such a "taxing" day, save for that little trip to put my envelopes in the post office mail slot on time (for the reason why I have to send more than one envelope every April 15, read my tax rant from last year). Teaching went well, and both the combo rehearsals went well. Combo Too had a good week all around because we had a bass player both days. There was no beating around the bush in there when stuff went wrong; I'm getting better at being blunt with people when they deserve it. The idea is to strike a midpoint somewhere between my usual self (the often-too-nice-for-my-own-good way I've been in the past) and, say, a UNT attitude (which borders on meanness in some cases).

Tax day also meant the annual Chipotle promotion, which was a bit different this year: If you went in today and bought a burrito, you got the "BurritoEZ 2003" form, which can be filled out and returned with the receipt over the weekend for a free burrito. (Last year, you got the form before tax day and brought it in on the day of, which makes more sense to me--free food on the day you have to throw down to the government--but whatever, free food is free food no matter when you get it.) The form asks all kinds of whimsical questions like "How many different Chipotle locations did you visit in 2003?" and "How many times did you visit Chipotle altogether in 2003?" (I'll report the answer later). Though burrito night was down in numbers due to the various trips this week, a good time was still had by all.

As it approaches midnight, it amazes me to think that there will be people driving up to the all-night post office mere seconds before the tax filing deadline just to get today's postmark on their envelope. Geez, even I don't procrastinate that much...

TD/D and M&D, almost crossing paths? My parents are in town for a few days. I didn't get to catch up with them until after Combo PM, and I was quite surprised to see that they had visited Chipotle as well, for the first time. We missed each other by over an hour, but how weird would that have been if they'd walked in on burrito night?

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