Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter Greetings

Just a quick note to say Happy Easter to all. I've had a quiet holiday, what with the rest of my family being in Sugar Land and most of my friends doing family stuff. I played the two contemporary services at church this morning, then was surprised to walk right into EZ's for lunch with no line...I guess everyone was doing "brunch." I knew already that Chipotle was closed today, and was surprised to see that Super Target was as well. It was nice for the employees, without a doubt.

I have one lesson to teach this afternoon, and then I'll just relax and maybe get some stuff done around the house...keeping the day "holy" as best I can.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: (an exchange over coffee between church services)
TECH SUPERVISOR: So are you still teaching all those lessons every week?
ME: Yeah, around 70 of 'em.
TECH SUPERVISOR: do you handle so many?
ME: One at a time, at a time.

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