Sunday, May 02, 2004

Three and One

Yeah, this is the title of one of my favorite Thad Jones charts (a bari feature, natch), but what it refers to now is the length of teaching days left in this year in the schools: three weeks and one day. (There are two days more than that, actually, but they're exam-only days and don't count toward my teaching total.)

So now I'm in the homestretch. There are a lot of concerts and auditions and things like that between now and then, some of which I'm involved in personally, others I'm helping people prepare for. After that, there'll be some major chill time.

I often dread the summers in one aspect--the sharp drop in income--but I think I have the marketing engine going smoothly enough that this won't happen this year (it's about time I got that right). As for the rest of it...if spring break was any indication, this could be the best summer I've ever had.

Tonight, I'll get a "normal" amount of sleep and ready myself for the tasks at hand. Here we go...

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