Saturday, April 03, 2004

Notes from the Road

I went to Waco last night and today to run the Sinfonia Province Workshop. The Workshop itself went fine, and these are just some random things that I noticed today, on the drive back and beforehand...

--There's a lot of new stuff at Baylor and even more under construction. The new seminary building is awe-inspiring. Oh, and as I've mentioned before, they also have a Chili's Too and a Starbucks in one of their parking garages there, and we experienced both at lunchtime. It was weird to stand in line and order food at a Chili's, but the food came out really, really fast and you didn't have to tip anyone (a plus for students at an expensive school, no doubt).

--My favorite off-menu item at Chili's, the "Chili's Trip" (a cheeseburger with chili and onions) is on the menu down there; they call it a "Baylor Bear Burger."

--In Waxahachie, there's a lot for sale by the "Joe Rust Company" right next to the "Danny Nail Construction Co."

--In Balch Springs, there's a billboard for a dentist that's totally in Spanish...except for the part at the top that reads "All-American Smile." Hmm...

--If you ever stay at a Motel 6, get the wake-up call. They use Tom Bodett (of radio commercial fame) on it, and it's really funny--a great way to start the day.

(Yes, this is total fluff compared to what my friends have going on their sites at the moment. That's sort of the the Arby's commercial says, "different is good." It's not that I'm not involved in helping to smooth things out--it's just that I'm not sharing my thoughts in this forum at this time.)

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