Monday, April 12, 2004

Everybody Sing: "Happy Birthday Dear 'Musings'..."

"The Musings of Kev" is one year old today. When I started it, I had wanted both an outlet for various rants and random thoughts and occasionally a pseudo-journal, but I had no idea how much I'd get into it...or that most of my friends would join in, with nearly everyone adopting some sort of online nickname along the way.

I used to dabble in journalism in college, so in a way this has become my "column" (which also explains why I go back and edit things so much), and I've really enjoyed using this forum to recount many of the different things going through my head during the day. It's also been quite an amazing year, so it's been cool to have everything chronicled in this manner.

Those of you on my sidebar, I salute you; you make up a majority of the (human) nucleus of my existence. Thanks for being along for this trip with me. Here's to Year #2...

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