Thursday, March 04, 2004

Missing the Monsoon

I feel fairly fortunate that I missed all the nasty weather that rolled through our area today. I heard the stories, though: Half of Rowlett underwater (OK, maybe an exaggeration); tornado warnings in Denton (J-Guar said he took refuge in near a practice room); somebody eating it on the turn where Northeast Parkway becomes the George Bush and going over the median barrier; an hourlong backup at the High Five; an airborne 18-wheeler (!) just south of Dallas. Meanwhile, since it was a B-day, I beat the rain to the college and sat placidly at the computer while everyone else felt the full forces. Usually, I'd be the one walking into combo all soaked for whatever reason, but today, the laws of Murphy went elsewhere.

Reunion time: We actually had most of Team Demon/Dingus at burrito night today, for the first time in months. Woody wasn't there (though her parents were across the restaurant for a bit), but Zack made his first appearance with us since Thanksgiving, I think. The table was full to bursting. One funny thing that I'm sure we'll hear about later: Evidently, Coop knows some moron who wants to challenge Zack to a DDR match, saying "he can't be that good." Boy, is that guy gonna pay (probably literally).

Demon Halfling, Op. 1: Halfling wrote a tune last night and Combo PM read it tonight; it was the first time in eons that someone brought an original into one of my combos (besides me, heh). It's still in its embryonic stages (basically a head at this point), but I think it'll turn out pretty cool.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Ever notice that the worst weather spawns the best sunsets?'--Me, to Dingus, marveling at a particularly stunning display on the way from burrito night to combo.