Sunday, March 14, 2004

Best Spring Break Ever!

OK, technically I'm not completely done in the spring break department, but I always said that this first half-break was the "real' one, and it was amazing. Sure, I had to teach my college classes, but that probably provided just the proper amount of diversion to keep me from getting bored, which had been the downfall of previous spring breaks. This one, though, will go down as the best one ever.

I got to hang with my friends every day, hear live music, participate in live music a little bit, bowl my brains out, eat Chipotle four times, and sleep till 10 or 11 nearly every day. Sure, that to-do list I talked about yesterday didn't get dented until today, but I really, really needed this time off...and I still have a few free nights this week because of the college being on break.

If a year ago February in San Antonio was "Lee-MEA" because I got to hang with Fizban so much, then this week was "Demon Half-break," and it was a most excellent time (Halfling and I had already bestowed the "best spring break ever" title on this week by the end of Shelley's jam on Monday night). In fact, it was a truly great week for all of Team Demon/Dingus, and it served as a prelude for what should be an amazing summer...provided we all make good money (me included).

But now it's over, and 6:00 will beckon way too early tomorrow. I'll probably have the equivalent of "senioritis" until the end of the semester, but at least I get paid for being at school. So as this vacation goes in the books, we can all just sit back and say wow, what a week it was.

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