Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Long Wednesday

Today was another of my famous "long Wednesdays." I only mention it because it won't happen again for a while, what with my split spring breaks starting next week. To give you an example of what I go through every "hump day," I'll lay out my schedule for you (not using real school names, in case someone reads this and wants to stalk me, heh heh):

7:30-9:45 (A days)/8:00-10:15 (B days): First high school
10:00-10:25 (A days) Lunch (yes it's early, but it's then or never)
10:30-12:45 Middle school
12:50-1:10 (B days) Lunch (better than on A days)
1:15-2:15 (B days)/12:55-2:20 (A days) Second high school
2:40-3:40 Third high school
4:15-5:15 Teach two people at Casa de Kev
5:50-6:00 Dinner (if I'm lucky)
6:00-8:50 Teach college improv

Then I come home and collapse...or at least talk to my friends on AIM and maybe do a blog entry. Anyone wanna trade schedules with me?

Welcome to the team: Coop succumbed to peer pressure and is now a blogger. We're working to get him set up on TD/D as well.

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