Wednesday, March 31, 2004

In Dogged Purr-suit of the Foil Torpedo

How far would you travel for a Chipotle burrito? For Halfling and me last night, the answer was almost all the way down to SMU, to a new location that was built on the site of the old Miami Subs Grill (a onetime favorite haunt of mine). We wanted to celebrate his good news from Monday night, and a burrito seemed like the way to go (imagine that!).

So why did we brave the High Five and pass three other Chipotle's to go to this one?

1) It was cheap. A $5 donation at the door got you a burrito and a drink.

2) It was for a good cause. The donation in question went to the SPCA; how could you not want to help cute little puppies and kittens?

3) It was just a few blocks away from CD Source, mentioned previously on this site as the home of the best collection of used jazz CD's in the Metroplex.

So off we went. The burrito tasted a little better since it was a celebration burrito, of course. We did set a record that I hope won't soon be broken: Most time spent in line for a burrito (30 minutes). The line was literally out the door when we got there, so the long wait was no surprise.

The CD Source trip yielded a cheap but plentiful haul: Four CD's for about 26 bucks. This time, it was a mixture of new stuff and replacement CD's (i.e. the stuff that I used to own but someone jacked from me a long time ago):

John Coltrane--Impressions Live 1962 (not the original, which, shockingly, I've never owned, but still cool...even if the title track comes out a half-step too low *shudder*)
John Coltrane--Giant Steps (replacement--duhh)
David Sanchez--Street Scenes (replacement)
Wayne Shorter--Footprints Live (new--I saw these guys on my first Vermont trip and was just waiting for the price to come down)

I hadn't realized how much I missed the Sanchez CD until I listened to it again. The title track is especially awesome; I learned it on tenor a few summers ago and will bust it out again, maybe as soon as tonight if I get home from giving the improv midterm early enough.

UPDATES IN THE BLOGOSPHERE: Dingus has left the building. Not really; he just deleted his blog, though it still shows up as of the moment. He says he's started an "invisiblog" (my term) where he writes stuff to vent for his own sake but won't give the URL to anyone so his ramblings won't hack anyone off. If a tree falls in the forest...Also, J-Guar has his own eponymous site now.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The unsung heroes of our music are the local teachers who help us discover ourselves through their toil."--Phil Woods, in a letter to Marvin Stamm. Thanks to Jazzy G for the quote; read the rest of the letter on her post today for the context. I sure hope DB reconsiders this...

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