Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Erin Go Blog

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. Being at least a quarter Irish (and having the name to go with it), I make sure to wear green during the day and possibly indulge in some sort of green beverage, though it's been a while since I've done the corned-beef-and-cabbage thing (too much cooking for me). Maybe I'll find a deli tonight and have a Reuben sandwich so I can at least get the corned beef part in.

The most aggressive celebrator of the day award would go to this girl at one of my middle schools, who hits people instead of pinching them (this according to one of my students who doesn't own a stitch of green clothing; I told him it could have been worse--at least she doesn't kiss instead, though some might enjoy that). The best costume-in-a-pinch (to avoid a pinch) also came from a middle schooler, who Scotch-taped a green leaf onto his shirt. Niiiice.

At any rate, I welcome everyone else from all other backgrounds who get to join me in being Irish today. Erin Go Bragh!

The missing o' the green: I started to get at least mildly perturbed yesterday when the people who forgot to pay me for lessons before spring break were also forgetting afterwards. I decided to make a point (that continually forgetting to pay me messes me over) with one of them, so I sat down and did the math.

It's startling: As of yesterday morning, there were 25 people who had yet to pay me for March. If they each owed me for three lessons (which is a conservative estimate, since some owe me for four), that came out to almost $1100.00! No wonder it never feels like I have as much money as I should (though, granted, most of us probably feel that way anyway). I hope the guilt trip works on them for next least better than the cat food story has so far.

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