Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm a Fish!

No, I'm not repeating my freshman year of anything *shudder*. It seems that some of Jazzy G's friends have taken to naming her pet fish for her (against her will, mind you), and one of them has been given the moniker of Kev.

The Kev fish

He's an orange cory, in case you're wondering; there's also a Kris fish as well. I've never had a pet named after me before; it's kinda flattering, I guess. (The naming of pets after one's college jazz professors is not unprecedented; when I was at UNT, a couple of my sax-player buds had a dog named "Riggs." Good dog! Heh heh.)

Oh, and stay tuned for a big announcement about the opening-night concert for Jazz Camp.

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