Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog Tag--You're it!

Via Lileks at earlier in the week, it's time for a quick round of Blog Tag. This week's topic: Six non-important things/habits/quirks of yours. Here are mine:
1) If I eat a meal that includes french fries, I have to eat the fries first, no matter what. (I think it's simply because I really dislike cold fries.)

2) I have lived in Texas since the third grade, but I have never developed a taste for jalapeƱos or sweetened tea. (I have also never said "fixin' to" or "over yonder" unless i was making a joke, but I say "y'all" all the time.)

3) I was an "extra" in the movie Necessary Roughness; I got autographs from Kathy Ireland and Sinbad during the filming, but I didn't realize until a week or so ago that Fred Thompson was also in the movie.

4) I never wear shoes in my house, ever.

5) I keep the money in my wallet in order, with the smallest bills in front. ATM and debit card receipts go behind them, with the most recent one up front.

6) I missed winning the Texas Lottery by one number about a month after its introduction. If I'd picked that one number (which was a number I had picked in the past), I would have split $15 million with two other people.
While some of these things may also be found in the 50 Fun Facts About Kev post, a couple of them are new to the blog.

Your turn. I hereby tag my entire readership! Post either your answers, or a link to your own blog with those answers, in my comments.

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