Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More from the Maynard Show

I found out today that my review of last week's Maynard tribute concert has been linked on the official Maynard online forum. Welcome to any new readers who may have come this way because of that link!

Also, there are some pictures from the concert posted in this thread on that same board, so feel free to check them out. Someone has also supposedly put a copy of the program on another thread over there, but I can't find it yet.

...and I still can't wait for the DVD.

UPDATE: Wow, I've spent a lot of time reading the forum tonight. I had to leave you with a quote that I found from Maynard's daughter Lisa, because she brings up something that I think all of us who play music need to remember:
Joy was my father's secret. As Denis Di Blasio said in an email to me, Maynrad worked hard for his happiness. That is a lesson I am choosing to keep and practice. One of the things he taught me was happiness is a choice. Life is a journey of perception.
He was very protective of his happiness surounding his trumpet playing, he was very careful to do what he had to do to keep his playing a joyous thing and not allow anything or anyone to make it a chore or resposibility...that was a key to his success and happiness which he shared with me. I think this is vital info for the survival of an artist of any kind. Beware the creeping negativity!
Well said, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your dad with us for so many years.

Another legend leaves the building: I also read tonight about the passing of Byron Nelson, an international icon whom Dallas was proud to call her own. I'm way too young to have seen him play, and I've never gotten to attend his namesake golf tournament, but nearly every article ever written about him talked about what a classy guy he was; he'll definitely be missed. Seeing how we've been talking about Maynard, wouldn't it be fun to imagine a little snapshot of heaven right now, with Maynard teaching Byron the trumpet and Byron reciprocating with a golf lesson?

"We're looking for a house with three bedrooms, two baths...and six cable outlets": A recent survey shows that the average American home has more TV sets than people. At the moment, Casa de Kev would barely fall into that category--two of them, one of me.

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