Sunday, September 24, 2006

The iTunes Shuffle, Part 2

Very early last year, I did a post about the Internet phenomenon known as the iTunes shuffle, where you set your iTunes to shuffle mode and list the first ten songs it plays back to you. I hadn't done this in a while, because the hard-drive crash I experienced on Labor Day of '05 took my library down to nearly nothing, but now, the MacBook is here and my ITunes is chock full o' tunes again, so it seemed like the right time. Let's see what it decides to play:

Gary Smulyan: Jabhero
James Morrison: Autumn Leaves (how unusual that the first two artists "chosen" were ones that I saw in Port Townsend this summer!)
Charlie Haden and Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Slience
David Sanchez: Los Cronopios
Jim Hall and Pat Metheny: All the Things You Are
Miles Davis: Flamenco Sketches (Alternate Take)
Us3: Cantaloop
Texas All-State Jazz Improv CD: Nutville (D'oh. I figured some sort of teaching aid would come up, such as this or an Aebersold.)
Oasis-All Around the World (Ha--I'd forgotten that I'd loaded that when those new AT&T commercials came out. Still, I'm a sucker for anything that sounds like the Beatles.)
Kurt Elling-Prayer for Mr. Davis

Last time, I had seen four of the ten "shuffled" artists in concert; this time it's six (Smulyan, Morrison, Sanchez, Metheny, Davis and Elling). I also thought it was interesting that a song by one artist (Elling) is dedicated to another one (Davis).

Feel free to try this yourself and post the results in the comments below. I'm sure I'll do this again the next time I run out of material get the inspiration to do so.

MySpace gone bad, part 1: A clever college professor in Virginia gave his students an assignment to find a way to make his (the professor's) pug famous. While many students did things like post flyers with the dog's picture around campus, one class member got in some trouble when he (jokingly) threatened to kill the dog on a MySpace posting.

MySpace gone bad, part 2: Meanwhile, in San Antonio, a high school assistant principal is suing several students for setting up a fake MySpace page in her name.

An idea for the off-season at Lone Star Park? In a Cambodian village, an annual festival ends with a "Formula 1-style" race...of water buffalo.


Kev said...

This is a test comment; it's been a while since someone's posted one, so I wanted to make sure it was still working.

James said...

I posted my results on my blog :)

Eric Grubbs said...

There's got to be some Slayer, ABBA and Ramones in that iPod! You got lucky with this shuffle. :-)

Kev said...

James--Cool; I'm there in just a minute.

Eric--Ha. But remember, that's an iTunes shuffle; I don't yet own a 'Pod (though I've sworn to by the next time I fly, because carrying a bunch of CD's and a Discman that's always running out of batteries is getting a little old).