Monday, November 05, 2007

Sure--It's Monday. But Was Yours Like This?

OK, so most people don't like Mondays. But surely your Monday couldn't have been as bad as the days that these people had last week:
  • A man in Memphis had quite an evening last week; he crashed his car, got shot by a homeowner, broke a window in a restaurant and stripped down to his skivvies...all in the course of a few hours. He also has jail time awating him when he gets out of the hospital.

  • A truck in Ohio was pulled over because back wheel was on fire. Then the cops recognized the guy inside from previous run-ins with the law, and found out that he had stolen the truck from the city. (And why was the wheel on fire? Because the guy had forgotten to take off the emergency brake.)

  • A truck driver was busted while trying to haul 1200 pounds of marijuana through a truck weigh station in Michigan. The place he was nabbed was called Grass Lake Township, appropriately enough.

  • And finally, an 11-year-old Malaysian boy got his fingertip severed in a kitchen accident, and the hospital flushed the tip down the toilet after they couldn't reattach it.
So how was your Monday today?


Eric Grubbs said...

After providing you with helpful information about a certain street in your neighborhood, I got my oil changed. Did a blog post, cooked dinner and watched The Fog with the commentary track on. Then went running. Nice to wake up and it's chilly.

Georgeanne said...

Well my Monday was rather mellow, due to breathing difficulties. I almost killed myself Friday from a very severe allergy attack. I still haven't recovered from it. =(

Kev said...

Eric--I meant to thank you for that custom traffic report. I'll tell the rest of the story in an email or MySpace message, but that was very cool (and quite professionally delivered).