Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Night Football Is Great and All...

...but can it compare to this? Chessboxing!
"Float like a butterfly, sting like Boris Spassky".

An unlikely simile, but one that could well be the motivational motto of Frank Stoldt, who has just been crowned world champion of a unique hybrid sport: chessboxing.

[...]The rules of the game are simple. Bouts are composed of a maximum of 11 alternating rounds of chess and boxing, with checkmates or knock-outs resulting in instant victory.

Fighters can also triumph if the boxing match is stopped by the referee, or if their opponent times-out at the chess board.

Chess rounds last 4 minutes each, and each player has a maximum of twelve minutes to make all their moves.

If there is no winner after 11 rounds of punching and castling, victory is awarded to the fighter with the most points in the boxing ring.
Read the whole thing, and check out the pictures; it's quite intriguing.

When Grandpa goes bad: A 70-year-old man has been arrested for bank robbery. He said he was having financial problems...

Does the punishment fit the crime? A man was jailed for refusing to sign a $15 jaywalking ticket.

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