Sunday, November 18, 2007

Say It Isn't So...

A sign of the times?

No, of course not. I'll say it isn't so, because it's not a sign of the times, or at least the sign you might think it is at first.

Actually, that sign is in front of the fuel center of a recently-closed grocery store in my old neighborhood that I drove by yesterday. (Perhaps the plain white sign above the prices gave it away.) I'm sure they did that on purpose, so people wouldn't see old gas prices (that might be much lower than they'll be in a few weeks or months) and get all excited, only to find the station closed. (And some people might have gotten overly excited by the premium gas appearing to be free.)

So no, gas isn't that bad, especially here in Texas; if anything, it's gone down a penny or two in the past week. Still, I had to stop and take that picture yesterday, so I could post it on the blog for its combination of shock value and humor.

And if you could afford $9.99 gas...maybe you could also afford a $53.5 million house. (The taxes alone on this house every year are more than my entire mortgage.)

This would provide you with a lot of gas money: The University of Tennessee Lady Vols are giving away a year's free tuition to a lucky student who attends at least ten of the team's home games this season.

A weird story and a good name for a rock band: Say hello to the Chinese Anime Porn Police.

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