Friday, November 02, 2007

Pictures and Cake

At the high schools where I teach, the week is usually outlined on some sort of dry-erase board, and earlier in the week, I noticed that one of them has an interesting event for today: Pictures and cake. Not only is that an unusual activity for band class, but it also sounds like a Beatles song (or maybe even a Beatles spoof band like The Rutles).

Even though I'm not a lyricist (I've been writing instrumental music since eighth grade, but words aren't my strong suit unless they're being spoken or blogged), I could completely hear this song forming in my head this week:

Pictures and cake, down by the lake
That's what I miss most about you
Now I lie awake; made just one mistake
And so I must live without you.

You get the idea. I'd also post the melody I had to go with it if I had the proper software, but...meh. At any rate, any budding wordsmiths out there should feel free to help me finish the song in the comments if you so desire. (Extra bonus points will go to anyone who can insert a specifically British reference, such as "the Earl of Glastonbury," into the lyrics.)

UPDATE: Oddly enough, the school didn't have the cake after all--just pictures; evidently, the store messed up the order, so they'll have to wait till Monday for the cake.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Al K. Hall: A man in Michigan was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving; his wife was arrested for the same offense only a few hours later.

Drillin' and spillin'....the patient's blood, that is: A dentist is being sued by a patient after the bit from his drill snapped off while he was working on said patient, lodging near her eye. (Why did it break? Perhaps because he was disco dancing to a song on the radio at the time.)

Scooters and windmills: The Dutch government has renounced its ban on Segways, allowing the scooters to be ridden on roads and bike lanes.

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