Friday, June 08, 2007

Mostly Caught Up

I've gotten caught up on a few half-finished posts this week:I'm gradually finishing all the pending posts, and I'll alert everyone when new ones go up.

Mr. Carpenter's wild ride: MIchigan resident Ben Carpenter had quite the harrowing journey recently when his wheelchair got stuck in the grille of a semi-trailer and was pushed down the highway for several miles at a high speed.

Mr. Drum's wild ride: A Vermont musician came home from a recent gig to discover that his floor-tom had fallen out of his truck on the way home. Someone else saw it by the side of the highway, and drummer and drum were eventually reunited.

OK, this guy was just channeling Elwood Blues: A Long Island teenager is in big trouble after driving his car through a mall.

The fashion police will work overtime to get this guy: An Australian accountant has admitted that he has worn the same pair of pants to work for more than two-and-a-half years. (I had a music history prof in college do that for an entire semester, and it wasn't just pants--it was an entire suit, socks and all.)

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