Thursday, November 17, 2005

Travel Advisory

I'm headed out to Stephenville tomorrow to visit one of my fraternity chapters. I'm taking advantage of my main Friday middle school being out of town on a band trip in order to make this visit; sometimes things just work out like that. It's only a little over an hour southwest of Ft. Worth, and if you take 377 like I do, it's really a pretty nice drive. I'll hopefully get the chance to eat barbecue at the Hard Eight, and it should go without saying that I'll be picking up cases upon cases of Dublin Dr Pepper while I'm down there (Stephenville is close enough to Dublin that the magic, sugary elixir is even available as a fountain drink at most local restaurants).

I'd love to do some more hard-hitting, issue-based posts like the one I did a few days ago, but I'm pretty swamped right now. The daytime combo is getting ready to do a gig at a food-tasting at one of our other campuses, the night combo is accompanying the jazz choir on their concerts the week after Thanksgiving, and I'm trying to book the next gig for TD/D and/or Kev and Friends. Oh, and all my high-schoolers have All-Region tryouts in a few weeks. I am a perpetual motion machine.

I'll be back on Saturday late morning/early afternoon with a new post and hopefully some "notes from the road." I do tend to see the most unusual things on roadtrips...

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