Sunday, November 13, 2005

...And We're Back

I have successfully completed one combo arrangement, one adaptation of an old arrangement for new instrumentation, and finished/sent out two letters of recommendation for current students headed to four-year schools...all of which had been "pending" for quite some time. So now I can lift my self-imposed moratorium on blogging and resume regular posts.

It's hard for me to get "office stuff" done sometimes, because 1) the only physical office I have is shared with around 100 other professors (thankfully, all of us are never in there at the same time!); 2) my breaks between lessons usually involve driving to another school for more lessons, or to the college; 3) home is not usually conducive to getting work done; I'm often wiped out from a teaching day that's already gone 12+ hours, and there are plenty of distractions here (TV, internet, the occasional nap). I've always said that if I had one hour during the school day for "office hours" and the actual office in which to spend that hour, I'd never be behind on paperwork/arranging again. Until then, I have to resort to cram sessions like today.

If I get home early enough tonight, I'll do one a post of substance; if not, it'll go up tomorrow.

Bloggin' with Mr. Cooper: I'm happy to see that my buddy Coop is returning to regular weekday blogging, thanks to a college English assignment. He's allowed to write about whatever he wants, but I bet some of his posts will discuss being a music major in the "bubble" that is SMU.

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