Sunday, November 27, 2005

Like Clockwork

Anyone who's out here in my neck of the woods could testify to what a beautiful afternoon it was today. But did you go out after dark? I did, and besides the 20-degree temperature drop, the wind was howling like nobody's business. Almost blow away, I did (whoa, a little Yoda-speak there). And I have to say, the timing couldn't have been more perfect, because if tomorrow was going to be as nice as today was, I doubt that anyone would have had the least bit of desire to go back to work or school.

This break was way too short; I think I got spoiled for those couple of years where my public school district took the whole week off. I'm not sure why they discontinued that, but, in the absence of a "fall break" like some of our neighboring districts have, it was pretty nice. Sure, I had to teach college on Tuesday afternoons, but if I griped about having to be somewhere by 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I'd be just plain lazy.

The week ahead will be intense; testimony to that is posted on the sidebar: Three gigs in three days, all with the school combos (and a dress rehearsal tomorrow night after teaching). I'm going to have to rediscover that "sleep" thing during the week to keep myself fresh.

Share the despair: My informed source tells me that the newest 2006 Demotivators Calendars from Despair, Inc. are about ready to ship for the holiday season (two other calendars of the "greatest hits" variety that are already available). I give a lot of them as Christmas presents, and if you have any downtrodden office slaves or "disaffected college students" in your life (or anyone else who likes a good laugh) you should too. (Full disclosure: my brother-in-law heads the company, so every calendar you buy will not only make you laugh, but it will also help put food on the table of my sweet sister and two darling nephews.)

A holiday reminder from the copier guys: The copier manufacturer and distributor Canon reminds everyone to be gentle with their equipment during the holiday season, when far too many people crack the glass by trying to copy their rear ends. (Hat tip: Dave Barry's Blog)

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