Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Good Discussion

I don't have anything really exciting to post today, but I invite you to (re-?)visit the post from Saturday regarding my ideas to improve public education. It seems that quite a good discussion has broken out in the comments to that post, thanks to a private-school educator who blogs under the name of Green Goblin. I'll have more to talk about tomorrow when I'm not so dog-tired.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: From two different students today, who both have all-city band tryouts next Monday...

ME: Best of luck on Monday!
KID: You too!

We've gotten so used to responding to any positive statement with "you too!" that sometimes it shows up in odd places like that. I think I even got a "you too!" out of someone to whom I was wishing a happy birthday...

SPAM EMAIL SUBJECT OF THE DAY: "He teach my bumpkin taxi," courtesy of "Marylou Hensley." (The email was an ad for online pharmaceuticals, as you might imagine.)

1 comment:

Shawn said...

I do the "you too" so often I must be a poster child.