Monday, May 24, 2004

Need a New Horn? Grow One!

This is great: there was a concert in Germany over the weekend by something called the "Viennese Vegetable Orchestra." Go here to read the article. I never would have thought of using a cucumber to make a saxophone, but whatever works; sadly, it's probably more durable than some of those beginner horns out there.

Best quote: "At the end of the performance, the instruments were turned into vegetable soup."

(Thanks to Dave Barry's Blog for the tip.)

Summertime, and the livin' is easy: As I said in the last post, I'm officially in summer mode now. The first thing I did after getting home was to emancipate myself from the shackles of long pants, which have no business being worn in Texas at this time of year. With the exception of things like church, gigs, and the Halfling/Fizban/Dingus graduation coming up on Saturday, I won't be putting on a pair of them again until mid-August.


Steven said...

I wonder what vegetable a person could use to make a trombone?

G. Travis said...

A very exotic veggie. Go to Central Market.. I'm sure you'll find something there. =P