Sunday, May 16, 2004

Somebody Call the Fashion Police, Quick...

Yesterday, it seemed like the world was teeming with scarily-dressed people. If there had been one more example, I could've made a Top Five list, but these four fashion "statements" were bad enough:

4) Prom dress with bowling shoes (multiple occurrences)

3) Big lady in little dress--'nuff said.

2) A dude bowling in a skirt

1) A guy with a big mohawk, wearing tights (who, incidentally, had a really hot-looking girl with him--not fair)

My two big events of the day set me in the paths of these oddities. First, I went to Grapevine for Main Street Days, where, among other things, they had a small jazz festival where LMOJO performed. I couldn't pass up the last opportunity for a while to see Halfling, Fizban and Dingus playing in the same big band, and it was a nice day outside as well. The band did a decent job, even if the rhythm section and the horns were a bit out of sync. The gig was semi-outdoors in a backless, sideless tent, so the bands on other stages (including one with someone playing "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" on the harmonica) bled through at inopportune times...but hey, it was near the end of the year, only three tunes--a very calm gig, all in all.

Afterwards, at Halfling's invitation, I hopped a ride on the band bus (first time I'd ridden a school bus in quite some time) and we all went to Grapevine Mills to eat inexpensive food in air-conditioned comfort (two things not offered by the festival); we ran across Mr. Mohawk and Big Lady/Little Dress while we were there. We got back in time to hear the "Official Texas Jazz Band," which sounded like a cheesy name but ended up being a bunch of UNT professors and what-not. It was definitely sweet to hear Jim Riggs solo and play lead alto again, and Halfling enjoyed hearing his future prof play live for (I think) the first time.

Once the awards were over and the band left for home, I went back too and eventually met up with Fizban and Demon Matt for some birthday bowling for the latter. This time, I managed not to hit Demon Matt in the family jewels with the air hockey puck, and there was still a bit of the Greeley mojo left over. The bowling was somewhat mediocre, especially at first; I actually got better when the blacklights came on, whereas Fizban fell victim to the Reverse Vampire Syndrome again.

But the biggest distraction of the evening had to be the group of promgoers next to us. There actually were several groups of these people (and I'm sorry, but the prom-dress-and-bowling-shoes look just does not do it for me), but the ones on the next lane were quite annoying. They took multiple pictures of themselves on the lane (blocking ours in the process); the girls had this thing about bowling between each others' legs (not as bad as it sounds, but it made for some really odd poses), and they giggled like third-graders when anyone got a strike. (Actually, these people did not look in any way like seniors; I there such a thing as a Sophomore Prom?)

At any rate, the prommies and the choice of "Worst of the 80's" for music videos made for some bad shots...but it was still fun. Still have no idea why the guy two lanes over was in a skirt, though; I don't see that look catching on.

Today was chill; I got the grades done for college, so that semester is officially over. Six teaching days left to go.

QUOTE OF THE (YESTER)DAY: "This just totally proves that God has a sense of humor."--Fizban, referring to both the promgoers and the Toni Basil music video playing on the screen.

QUOTE OF THE (TO)DAY: "I finally know the true meaning of an eight-hour day."--Coop, after his first full day of work at Hawaiian Falls.


Steven said...

I have a new blog.

Kev said...

Decided to share your thoughts with the world again, huh? Cool.

G. Travis said...

Any word on the Ke Davi gig?

Matt said...

actually, i found out that those prom goers were actually 8th graders coming from their formal end of the year dance...just like i thought...haha

Kev said...

I knew they weren't seniors...

Nothing from Ke Davi so far, G; if I haven't heard back from my email/IM by tomorrow, I'll call the guy.

G. Travis said...

Ahh that's cool Kev. I'm playing with TI on their concert that night, and figured that since I was down there I'd stop by if you guys were playing.