Saturday, May 15, 2004

Winding Down

It's really starting to feel like the end of the school year now. College classes are over, and with the exception of grading the written improv finals over the weekend (at my favorite grading place, naturally), that part of my teaching is all done. I have one full week and a single day left in the public schools, and I'm about to sit down and see how summer is looking; I've gotten back a lot of emails and forms but haven't actually started scheduling anyone yet.

The pesky allergy problem has nearly gone away, except for this annoying lingering cough, which manifests itself at some of the worst possible times--like during Dingus's scholarship audition today. Geez...I was nearly in tears trying to hold it in until between the etudes. The last time that happened was even more inopportune--last fall, during the Founders Day Concert when Jose Feghali was playing. Hopefully this nagging thing will go away soon.

But other than that, it's been a fairly quiet week since Foosball night on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I gave the final exams in improv. Several people took even more time than they should have for the written part, but I was a bit generous in that respect. During that time, I read three sections of the newspaper, two TMEA magazines and half the Dallas Observer. Needless to say, I was toast when I got home.

Thursday night was more fun, as I had burritos with Combo Too (plus Halfling and Jazzy G) and then jammed on stuff with Combo PM. We were drummer-less, so it was a lot of bossas and medium swing. Today was chill, jammed with Halfling for a bit and then saw Troy tonight (highly recommended, and doesn't feel at all like it's three hours long). Tomorrow? A few things, but first: sleep. sweet sleep.

A third of a third of a million miles: On the way to the movie, Kevmobile 1.2 hit 111,111 on the odometer, a third of the feat that I accomplished in the original Kevmobile two years ago. Granted, all these miles aren't mine--I got it with 78K already on it--but it's still cool to look down at the odometer and see one repeated number a bunch of times.

Blow out the candles: Since it's after midnight, I can say Happy Birthday Demon Matt! May you have a great year ahead...

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