Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Shame That Tune

I got the idea to do a survey-type post from J-Guar's site, but the topic was inspired by a conversation that Halfling and I had the other night regarding our respective CD collections.

Here's the question: Name the most embarrassing CD that's still in your collection. Reply using the comments, of course (if you're not a Blogger subscriber, please identify yourself in there somewhere to avoid mulitiple "Anonymous" postings).

As for me, I sold most of my really awful stuff a few summers ago when I was really poor, but here are a few possibilties:

Boyz II Men--Cooleyhighharmony
Das Beste aud den Charts: 40 aktuelle Super-Hits (it's a Euro-sampler that I got after my Switzerland trip a few years ago that has Geri Halliwell [Ginger Spice] and Roxette on it, among others...however, it also contains the rap version of Pennsylvania 6-5000, which is priceless, and the reason why I've kept it)

Your turn...

Welcome back, blogger: Dingus has returned to the blogosphere; check out his new site here.


G. Travis said...

I got rid of all my embarassing cds, but I had a Will Smith cd back in the day. Probably the WORST were the Kenny G cds that I would get from my grandmother in Pennsylvania. She eventually got them all back.

Steven said...

Only embarassing part about my CD collection is the supersaturation of Mingus. Otherwise, it's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Jagged Little Pill