Friday, January 09, 2004

Updates, Get Yer Updates Here!

One of those random kind of days...

Havin' some fun: Fun Facts is done. For now. Whenever anything happens in life that's more fun than what's already in there, I'll edit out a lesser fact and replace it with the more-fun one.

Shameless plug department: I have a gig at Ke Davi tomorrow night from 8:30-11:30. It's with a "subset" of Combo Too--the guys I gigged with on New Year's, plus drums (and whoever else shows up to sit in). We're billing it as "Kevin McNerney and Friends," so I guess, technically, anyone whom I consider a friend could show up and play, though that's not likely. I hope a lot of them do show up to listen, though.

Sonic sign update: Every Friday, I drive by the Sonic Drive-In that has had spelling/grammar/punctuation issues with its message board on at least three separate occasions. They change their sign about once a month, so I was looking forward to more blog-fodder for January.

However, they actually got it right this time...for the most part. The one side is advertising a BROWN BAG SPECIAL, and it would take a complete idiot to mess that one up. The other side does invite us to WAKE UP TO A BURITTO, but that's a fairly common mistake (one of my friends accidentally typed it that way on AIM the other day)--not at all on the level of a HUNGRY CONEY or SUPERSONIC ANDRINGS.

I suppose that means that the Sign Dude gets a passing grade for this month. One out of four ain't bad good, but at least it's entertaining.

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