Tuesday, January 13, 2004


It was a long afternoon of auditions at the college today, but it went fairly quickly. (And no, I'm not posting results on here...even faithful blog readers will have to wait till Thursday just like everyone else, heh.) The one twist was that Kris and I did our usual deliberations at Chipotle instead of in his office suite. It was actually his first time to go...ever. Granted, he does the no-carb thing, so most of the really good stuff (rice, beans, tortillas, corn salsa) is off-limits, but at least he was able to partially experience the object of our fascination on all those summer post-big band Tuesdays and fall post-combo Thursdays.

This just means that we're a week away from the start of college classes and the end of what's left of my break. I'll make sure and enjoy tomorrow night and Thursday afternoon while those times still belong to me.

I'm a sentimental d00d: I've been tapped to reprise my guest shot on "In a Sentimental Mood" with the RHS Jazz Band this Sunday at 3:00 at the Hard Rock Cafe. I hope Micah can come out and do his guest thing too. Not sure if it costs or not; I'll update here when I find out. (A QuickTime movie of my previous performance of this tune made it onto the Web!)
UPDATE: Evidently it is free, and Micah will indeed be there.