Thursday, January 15, 2004

Not Exactly Owned...

Jazzy G had this quiz on her blog today that sounded interesting: "Does Your Weblog Own You?" Turns out that mine owns me less than I thought it would:

25 %

My weblog owns 25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Thinking in those terms (and considering the size of the check I had to send the IRS for my quarterly today), that means that the federal government owns more of me than my blog does. Any chance for a swap there?

Hey hey, burrito lady: Jazzy G also posted a few days ago that her mom brought her "Chipotle x2" at home. Whoa...does that mean that we now have a female 2BC'er? Not quite; the constitution of the League of Lunatics specifically states that to be official, a 2BC attempt must be witnessed by at least one League member. (And no, we don't really have a consitution, but if we did, you know it would be written on Chipotle napkins.) So even though this one doesn't count, we can call it a very fine training run...sort of like those wind-aided world records in track and field that don't count but are still cool. And the League remains a "good ol' boys' club" for the time being, just like Augusta National. (I wonder which one of us gets to be called "Hootie"...)

A radical change of seasons: The other day in Eckerd's, I noticed that they had dismantled the aisle where they'd had the Christmas stuff, and they were replacing it with....sun care items? Wait a minute; we still have a few other seasons in Texas besides Christmas and summer, don't we?

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