Saturday, January 24, 2004

Kev vs. the Halfling in a Court Battle

No, I'm not suing Halfling. Rather, today was the day that I introduced him to racquetball, and it was great. We only got to play for about thirty minutes, but he's hooked and we're gonna try to play every week like Ben and I do (I think Ben would play every day if our schedules allowed it).

We only got in one full game (and another one that we almost finished), and yeah, I won big, but he's catching on, and that'll just make the games all the more fun. Sure, I'm really competitive, but I want my friends to do well too, and I want the games to be in they last for an hour apiece and end up 21-19 or something like that.

I think that racquetball is the ideal sport for musicians. Why? Because it works out a whole lot of different parts of you, and you don't have to do it every day to reap the benefits. It's also cool because the four walls make the ball take all kinds of weird and unpredictable bounces that keep things interesting, and it's just so dang fun. I didn't play for a long time, but now that I've gotten back into it, I realized how much I missed it. Over Christmas, I could just about feel my muscles atrophying, and when I played Ben earlier in the week, I had a little trouble regaining my stride. Then all of a sudden everything just kicked in again and it was great. I realized that, with the long hours of my job and all the sitting involved, I need some sort of activity like this. Sitting in Starbucks that night after we were done, I was somewhat exhausted, but in a way, I had never felt more alive. I'll be doing this much more often... (Fizban, I'm sorry we missed this while you were at our college, but I know where the TCU courts are and will happily drive out there to get you into this too...if we don't start sooner than that.)

Band Geek Mafia: I'm off to the Region Band concert tonight; I'll post any interesting musical thoughts about it tomorrow.

Blow out the candles: Happy Birthday Miles! No, not Miles Davis but my gig buddy from combo...though this Miles did play trumpet for a while too.