Wednesday, January 07, 2004

...And We're Back

Despite the extra two days, Christmas break was way too short (yes, I can call it Christmas break because this is not a "Kev, Live from School" post). Fizban, Halfling and Dingus all lamented the same thing on their own sites today, but at least they had a fluff period during the day to do so, while I had to wait until I'd already been teaching nine hours for my update.

As expected, six a.m. hit me like a ton o' bricks, especially since it was in the 20's again outside. I'm like Halfling in that respect: early and cold don't mix. I probably hit a good eight snooze alarms (that's four each on two clocks, set about four minutes apart and at opposite corners of the room) just because I'd retreat to the warmth of the covers after each one.

But otherwise, I basically ran like a well-oiled machine once I got going. The only downside was that, despite my having emailed out all my bills on Monday, only two people paid me all day (out of 15). Not a great thing when you haven't really made any money for the past three weeks.

I do have to figure out a way to at least give myself a real lunch hour (or at least half-hour) every teaching day. This 10:00 lunch thing on A-day Wednesdays is for the birds...but at the moment, I have no alternative beyond eating in the car (bad) or eating in someone's lesson (worse). I have to really work on the structure of that before next fall. It's a weird situation to love what you do yet hate parts of your schedule, although I guess it's better than the other way around.

At any rate, I guess I'm back in the swing of things whether I'm ready or not, so my only choice is to grin and bear it, and maybe let loose with a new expletive that Fizban and Dingus seem to have coined (it sounds like the name of either a video game character or a really bad anime): SHAZBOT!!!

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