Friday, January 30, 2004


I got to see my sister and brother-in-law tonight, along with my two adorable nephews, Noah and Caleb. They were all in Dallas for the weekend, and I try to meet up with them whenever that happens, since I don't make it to Austin nearly so much as I'd like. Noah will be three in a week and a half, and Caleb is nearly five months old. He's always been a rather smiley baby ever since I've seen him (no matter what my uncle says about babies not being able to smile--he attributes it all to "gas"), and now he's added laughing to the mix. It's pretty cool.

Noah is awesome as always: very interactive, holds highly entertaining conversations (sometimes with others, sometimes with himself). He's a ball of energy, so they always love when visitors come by and help wear him out. I'll post more about him on his birthday in a few weeks, including the weird story of how I got the news of his birth.

Oh, and the title of this post is the new nickname I came up with for the ever-present baby monitor...seemed like it fit.

Blowing out multiple sets of candles: Happy No Longer a Teenager Day to Jazzy G (and get totally well soon, will ya?); Happy Only One More Year of That Left to future pilot Zach V. Hope the rigors of aeronautics don't keep the trumpet away from your face too much...except while actually flying (heh).

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