Thursday, January 01, 2004

The Ball Drops...

Happy New Year, everyone. I have to say that 2003 was pretty awesome for me, so I'm looking forward to what '04 will bring (wow, feels/looks weird to type '04). Whether the road that this year will find me on is a new shiny freeway like the George Bush Turnpike or a muddy, pockmarked country road, I have comfort in the fact that God is really driving the bus and he's surrounded me with a great set of fellow passengers. I can also only hope that, this time next year, the world itself will be able to feel some of the peace I feel in my heart at this moment.

Tonight was good; the last few New Years were kinda boring, so this one made up for it. I played what ended up being an hourlong gig for a private party in Plano; we were the "opening act" for a rave, in a way. When we stopped, the lights went down and the techno started blasting from these mondo speakers they had set up in there. But don't worry, no drugs, no lightsticks, no least while we were there. Props to Miles and Andrew for rounding out the band in fine fashion (literally...yeah, we dressed up, heh heh). It was also nice to finish up well before midnight to avoid the drunken crazies on the road; I nearly had the freeway to myself at 11:00.

After that, I was joined by Fizban and Dingus to officially christen the new DVD player (Frobird joined us after a while). We watched the Blues Brothers and Spinal Tap; still way more to watch, and I haven't even picked out stuff with the card that Halfling gave me.

And yes, the time stamp of this post is correct; it's really, really late (early, almost). Yet I'll be up by 10 or so to watch the Rose Parade--just because (the main "just because" has to do with the fact that I attended it when I was four and have pretty much watched it every year since). So I guess it's my naptime now...hope your New Year's was fun and safe as well.

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