Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm Still Allergic to Mondays

Today was the first long Monday of teaching (as in having to wake up at six and not finishing until around twelve hours after I started) since the week before Memorial Day, and it hit me like the proverbial ton o' bricks. Dragging the whole day, I was. (And talking like Yoda, I am.)

But it's good to finally get the first five-day week of school underway. I have a lot to do this semester, and I'll actually get more of it done when I'm pushed ahead by the momentum of what I've already done on a given day. Busy begets busy. The best and worst thing about summer is the off-and-on nature of my teaching, as I tend to lose that momentum during the constant breaks that I have during the day. Having a lot on my plate keeps me more focused than when things happen more sporadically.

Still, today was really long, and I was pretty exhausted when the teaching day was done. But after a little food in me (nine hours is a long time to go between lunch and dinner), I'm ready for the next step. That's right--the day's not over at 9 p.m., but what's left is an "elective"--I'm going to see one of my colleagues perform tonight, and I'll probably write about it tomorrow.

I hope your week is productive and eventful as well.

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