Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some Saturday Saxblogging

One of my favorite blogs for a long time has been Althouse, by a law professor who "sometimes...write(s) about law." Music is occasionally on the plate, but I would have never expected two saxophone-heavy posts in a row. But sure enough, there they were:
  • First, a post that talks about Bill Clinton's sax-playing on the Arsenio Hall Show when he was running for President. I don't really care for his playing, and said so in the comments, but it was interesting to watch the old performances again to reinforce that view. (I wish they'd had a full clip of the "Heartbreak Hotel" part, so I could see how well I'm recalling the three-note solo that I've told everyone about over the years.)

  • The next post up at Althouse is a video of a guy playing a contrabass sax. As I note in the comments, I've been recorded on a bass sax before, but I have yet to play a contra in person. (It's still my plan, money willing, to own the entire saxophone family someday.)

    And I love the title of the post: "His is bigger than Bill's." Heh.
It's not every day that one can find saxblogging on a (mostly) law site, but that's one of the things that draws me to Althouse; it's all over the map, subject-wise. And (for the most part) the commenters are interesting and thoughtful.

Animal stories, part 1: A parrot in Japan, separated from its cage and its owners, was taken by police to a local veterinarian, who eventually got the parrot to recite its name and address to him.

Animal stories, part 2: A donkey in Mexico was recently jailed for assault and battery after it bit and kicked two men.

Animal stories, part 3: Police in South Carolina had a runaway goat surrounded on a highway bridge, but the goat fooled everyone by jumping off the bridge. Despite a 50-foot drop, the goat survived.

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