Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Midweek Smorgasbord

Once again, a smattering of blogworthy stuff, none of which quite rated a post on its own but still needed to be discussed:
  • Headline of the week so far: Bad monk steals sex films.

  • A Colorado salon owner has been cited for dyeing her poodle pink as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer. (The law under which she was cited was originally intended to keep people from dyeing chicks and bunnies for Easter.)

  • This makes sense, in a way: The winner of the Odor Eaters corporation's annual Rotten Sneaker Contest is a kid from Alaska (and yes, I know that it doesn't snow there all the time, but they might have to keep their shoes on longer than they do, say, here in Texas).

  • Stupid criminal of the week: A teenager in Michigan was busted for trying to steal gas from a police cruiser. The cruiser in question had officers, who were on a stakeout at the time, inside of it.

  • A Taiwanese man hired a stripper to perform at his father's funeral. The father, who was 103, was "known for his interest in strip clubs."

  • And finally, an Ethiopian farmer--distrustful of banks--hid his entire life's savings in a haystack, only to find that nearly a third of it had been gnawed away by rats.
I'll have one more big post tomorrow before my weekend trip.

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