Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Midweek Smorgasbord

It's been a while since I posted any odd news stories, so here goes:
  • Actress Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, was busted for having marijuana in her car. And I always thought Ginger was the wild one... (One of my MySpace friends titled a bulletin about this story, "Now we know who sunk the S.S. Minnow." Heh.)
  • Maxim magazine apologized for a review of a Black Crowes CD penned by a writer who hadn't listened to the entire CD when the review was written.

  • A man in Washington state who didn't want to go to work one morning picked a strange way to get out of it: He had a friend shoot him in the shoulder.

  • A Minnesota man hit a woman while waiting at a bus stop; even worse was the fact that, at the time, he was on his way to an anger management class.

  • A nine-year-old boy's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's was interrupted when the boy's mother got into a fight with another mom.

  • An Arkansas family's cat survived a February tornado, hiding in the woods at first. But his next place of refuge was in a pile of debris that the family set on fire after the storm. They found him afterwards, singed but alive, and he's likely to be OK now.

  • A cable sports network has apologized to a Massachusetts town for making fun of its name in a print ad, for which the town council Athol is undoubtedly appreciative.

  • A Chinese woman, irate that her husband walked out on their marriage, set 400 cell phones on fire in protest. (The phones belonged to a business they had run together.)

  • And finally, the cool gadget of the week: The Etch-a-Sketch Clock.
I'll have a more substantial post tomorrow, if I don't hit too many snooze alarms (Thursday is a 14-hour teaching day, after all).

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