Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Could Winter Weather Mess Up My Plans Tomorrow? Snow Way!

First of all--has the weather in DFW this week just been nuts, or what? Let's chronicle the past few days:
  • SUNDAY--Beautiful mild morning, cold rainy afternoon

  • MONDAY--Spotty rain in the daytime, sleet and snow at night

  • TUESDAY--Snow on the ground and icy bridges in the morning, clear and 50's in the afternoon

  • TODAY--Clear and beautiful, near 70
And now it's supposed to get cold again, as soon as tonight, and start raining again tomorrow. Then that rain will turn to sleet and snow by afternoon. And for me, the timing of that couldn't possibly be worse.

Here's the thing: Like many local jazz fans, I have tickets to the Pat Metheny Trio concert tomorrow night at Bass Hall in downtown Ft. Worth. And yes, it doesn't take a meteorologist to figure out that "sleet and snow" and "driving from Plano to Ft. Worth" don't really fit together all that well.

I realize that weather forecasting is often an imprecise science, but here's hoping that the bad stuff either completely misses us, waits until after midnight to come in, or messes things up well before we attempt the trip. Getting caught in the middle of it would not be a happy thing. And if it does come early, I hope the concert gets rescheduled somehow.

UPDATE: The weather cooperated enough for us to make it to and from the concert without incident. I'll post a review on Friday night.

What's the biggest event you've ever missed because of weather?

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Eric Grubbs said...

A few years ago, I had a chance to meet probably the main writer that inspired me. Alas, ice held me back. Then again, later that night I saw one of the best trainwreck shows I've ever seen.