Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Works in Progress

This has been a very weird semester for blogging; I don't have as much spare time as I've had in the past, and when I do get ready to start a post, I tend to get caught up in the research end of things (a source I'm using has an interesting link, so I click it, along with one in that post, and the next...and suddenly, it's time for bed, or way past that time). I'm working on two lengthy ones that I started over the weekend, and I should have them finished soon, but until then, I'll just post the news stories so everyone won't think I've fallen off the earth.

Toy meets horns: An unexpected confrontation took place in a Wisconsin homeowner's yard when her ceramic deer statue found itself face-to-face with the real thing. Guess who won.

Oh, c'mon, just call it the "Mile High Club" like everyone else does: A California couple are being accused of overt sexual activity on a recent cross-country flight.

U can rly use that 4 ur exams? OMG LOL: New Zealand high-schoolers will now be able to use text-speak on their national exams (much to the chagrin of many educators, who think it will destroy the English language).

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the dreaded chat-speak.. Tomorrow, go into the library before Combo Too, and check out the sign on the printer at the end of the second row of desks. It iz lollercoasterzzz omgwtfbbq.