Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Memo to Self:

Next year, when doing the Boo-Rito promotion, bring duct tape. It was so windy in the parking lot last night that our costumes--mine in particular--came completely unraveled before we even made it through the service line.

A couple of the guys did make some cool ninja headgear out of foil, though; add this to the list of pictures that will be posted on this blog, once I find the most convenient way to get them off my camera phone.

A movie they should have made for Halloween this year: Snakes in a Police Station.

Worst Halloween costume of the year (runner-up): A recent former jail inmate went trick-or-treating in his orange prisoner's jumpsuit, causing the jail from which he'd been released to be locked down for several hours.

Worst Halloween costume of the year (winner): A high school student in Brooklyn showed up to class in a Hitler costume.

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